Discussing the Deck Building and what makes a card ‘good.’

Like any TCG multiples are needed unless a card is needed for a certain match-up.

1 Copy – Rarely want to see this card; usually used for certain match-ups. Often searched for if needed.

2 Copies – Want to see it more but it’s not something reliably needed for the game plan. Having more than one helps not being lost in zones (clock, stock, waiting room).

3 Copies – Generally want this card to show up at least once a game and helps either drawing into or prevent from getting lost in zones (clock, stock, waiting room)

4 Copies – This card will be used every single game for either utility or a combo.

Deck Building – Level 0

What are the actual good cards in Weiss that are  level 0? These cards below are mainly used for utility. If these cards are not present big cards or oversizes – anything 3500 or higher – are used. There are also Level 0 Reversers or bombs.

Generally the best cards in level 0 are Brainstorms, Runners, Riki Clones, and Akatsuki clones. These are by far the best cards you can have at level 0.

Brainstorm – A way to mill your deck and possibly +1 if any climaxes are hit, although SHOULD never be relied on as a plussing engine unless it is the only option; however it is a strong card, remember it is entirely reliant on RNG. If climaxes ratio to deck is low, be careful as it will have a high chance to whiff (miss and not plus). This may be benefited, to help mill the deck in some situations. The best kinds are searching or salvaging brainstorms, which will give a +1 to hand, while others either give power or soul. Generally a spammable brainstorm is used to mill, if stock is not an issue.

Runner – The one card with the most value; this makes it so less resources are wasted. Running to another slot lets it stay on the board and inherently pluses; giving hand size and stock.

Riki Clone – A unique effect that clocks the player in return to search for a Level 1 or lower. This card gives a +1 while preparing for the upcoming Level 1 game. Allowing the player to reach there faster and setting it up.

Akatsuki Clone – This card is considered to be the best card you can have in a set. The multiple benefits for this card are:

  1. Being a discard outlet; either getting rid of cards that can’t play or getting rid of overflowing climaxes in hand.
  2. Mills the deck, in return allows for a faster refresh and potentially more compression (postive climax to deck ratio).
  3. Generally filters to have something playable.

A lot of decks do not have all four but a combination of 2+ is considered good. If there are no runners, go ahead with bombs/reversers. Any kind of searching is valuable.

Aim for at least 15 level 0 zeros when building a deck.

Good luck!

Playing out Level 0

Know most match-ups. Know the weaknesses/strengths of both decks and plan ahead.

Mulligan is a key part of the beginning. If there any climaxes, events or level 2+ cards that cannot be use, mulligan for something playable; ideally level 0’s. Don’t forget to clock.

Common Misplays

  • “I want to play all my cards out and push my opponent towards level 1. That means I am winning the board because I can take less damage now!”

STOP! This is really bad UNLESS that is the game plan for the whole game (ie +2 soul rush). This ends up losing a lot of advantage and lets the opponent gain stock while taking more damage which leads to level 1 with stronger cards. Empty slots at level 0 are not bad.

  • “I have a lot of climaxes in hand so I will keep them and hopefully use them next turn.”

Multiple climaxes are dead weight in hand and do absolutely nothing . If  more than 1 climaxes are in hand, get rid of it. This will add it into next refresh and help cancel more. It is not wrong to clock a climax. Due note, this becomes more dangerous as the levels get higher.

  • “I don’t want my character to die, so I just need to side attack this reverser.”

This will let the opponent farm stock and not commit to playing more cards from hand.

When is it proper to side attack?

A side attack is taking the card facing minus the level with your card’s soul to deal damage to the opponent. This skips the backup phase. The best time to side is usually at level 0. Another use is for exact damage for finishing the opponent and will be discussed at a later part.

Only be aggressive when its right, else just be passive

Be aggressive when the opponent is showing they have more than four climaxes out.

Sometimes dealing with a runner can benefit. Fill the board and decide what attack, be warned this may lead into benefiting the opponent. Take it careful and do not go too far. This does not mean to go full out attacks, unless it is your game plan.

The longer level 0 is, the more cards and stock for both sides. Always plan ahead for the upcoming level. One of the most important levels currently; Level 1.

See ya next time.

Stay tuned for the next part; Level 1, combos, and advantages.