Who am I

I am just someone who loves to play cards game  because I love anime and I find Weiss Schwarz to be really fun to play this blog is dedicated to it. This will be mainly content about Weiss Schwarz and my opinions on things and share my knowledge. Be it, tips or deck techs to give people an understanding. I want to spread the word of this game because I generally like it.

You can call me Chrono and I will be your presenter.   1444171124051

There could be other content of other games as well, so stay tuned!

Weiss Schwarz Calgary

I am from Alberta but I don’t live in the city of Calgary. I chose to play with their locals from time to time is because I really enjoyed playing with that community. It was very friendly and I got to fit in with them. If you are interested go ahead and join the Facebook Group if you are in the area!